In my youth, Walt Disney, was very instrumental in promoting a lot of unpleasant animals to be endearing species.  Who, other than Walt Disney would present a mouse as loveable.  Other than Walt Disney, who would have Mickey Mouse own a dog named Pluto.  Then he made another dog, Goofy, to be the companion of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.  Goofy, of course, could talk, sing, and do anything a human can do, but poor ole Pluto could only bark.  Also, I’ve wondered about Donald Duck eating a Thanksgiving turkey drumstick.  That’s somewhat like feasting on the leg of your first cousin.  I suspect that Donald Duck is actually a cannibal, which affects his speech so that I can’t understand his squawking.
Actually, consider another character that Walt Disney presented as being very cute and loveable.  In the movie, “Bambi”, “Bambi” had two friends: “Thumper”, a pink-nosed rabbit, and “Flower”, a bashful but very lovable skunk.  “Flower” was very clean, with no obnoxious odor assaulting my nose.  Who would not want to hug him and take him home with them? 
When I was a boy on the farm, Dad didn’t mention the odor, but told us to leave skunks alone, because they kept the mice and rat population down. But he didn’t really have to tell me WHY to leave them alone.  I had no intent of bothering them if they didn’t bother me. I’ve spent most of my life of staying out of the way of skunks and have been pretty successful.  That is, until recently...
Recently, several nights, we were awaken around 1:30 a.m. by the rancid odor of a skunk.  I thought one was outside, had become alarmed and had discharged his scent.  However, the odor clung in the house and kept us awake most of the night and several nights in a row.  Early one morning, I stepped out onto our porch to get the newspaper. Suddenly, a large skunk came waddling very rapidly on the sidewalk in front of the porch and headed toward our back yard gate.  I discovered a large hole had been dug under the house. The odor at that hole left no doubt that a skunk had dug the hole as an entrance under the house. Leaving him alone was not an option.
I set out a live animal trap and ended up catching four of Walt Disney’s cute and loveable skunks.  While they were out forging for food at night, I blocked the hole one night with the trap.  One morning, I started to go around back to check the trap at their hole.  As I rounded the corner, a very large skunk was coming toward me. Apparently my trap had blocked his entrance under the house and he was preparing to exit the yard.  However, when he saw me, he stopped, his hair stood up, making him look bigger than a bear. I retreated and GAVE him the yard.  Apparently later, the skunk gave me the yard back after leaving and not coming back.
Some have wondered about why Noah took certain undesirable animals on the Ark, but I’ve never heard of anyone mentioning the skunk.  Unless the skunk had a change of attitude during the boat trip, I’m sure they would have gotten angry and odorize the contents. Contrary to Walt Disney’s “Flower”, skunks have a chip on their shoulder. I’m sure they would have gotten upset for some minor infraction and “let it fly”.  Undoubtedly, the skunk was on the Ark, so I’m sure that God made it a suitable passenger.  I know that many of the wild animals had to be mellowed out for the trip.  Wouldn’t the Ark trip have been an interesting adventure?  Maybe I’ll visit with Noah about the skunk when I get to the other side.
Jesse R. Spurlock
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