(Copy of actual minutes of the organization - December 11, 1953)

MINUTES OF THE ORDINATION OF JAMES WILSON TO THE FULL WORK OF THE MINISTRY AND THE ORGANIZATION OF MT. HERMON MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Friday evening, December 11, 1953 (Being a joint services with the same presbytery for both services)

Services opened about 7:15 p.m. with Richard Smith, Educational Director of Central Ave. Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, directing.  Sister G.W. Fox at the piano. While further devotional was directed by Brother. Smith with the congregation.  Pastor R.A. Brand of Central Ave. Missionary Baptist Church requested the ordained ministers and deacons present to retire with him to a classroom for organization of the council.
Upon call of Central Ave. Missionary Baptist Church, the following ministers and deacons formed a presbytery for the purpose of ordaining James Wilson, member of Central Missionary Baptist Church, to the full work of the ministry.  Also, to set in order a new church following his ordination.
R.A. Brand, G.W. Fox, Missionary of the churches of the South Canadian Association; P.D. Ballard, Pastor, Missionary Baptist Church, Lindsay, Oklahoma; Elzie Periman, Pastor, Missionary Baptist Church, Alex, Oklahoma; N.N. Ivans, State Missionary of the Missionary Baptist Association of Oklahoma; H.C. Payton, Corresponding Secretary, Missionary Baptist Association of Oklahoma; G.W. Foster, Pastor, 12th Street Missionary Baptist Church, Chickasha, Oklahoma; S.M. Speer, member, Central Ave. Missionary Baptist Church; William Danner, Pastor, Westside Missionary Baptist Church, Wynnewood, Oklahoma; Ernest G. Morris, Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Weatherford, Oklahoma; T.L. Duren, Interstate Missionary of the North American Baptist Association and the deacons as follows:
W.B. Farquhar, Central Ave. Missionary Baptist Church; Richard Smith, Central Ave. Missionary Baptist Church; Clarence Rayburn, Alex Missionary Baptist Church, H.A. Duren, Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Weatherford, Oklahoma; and George S. Cox.
R.A. Brand was elected Moderator for the council; T.L. Duren, Clerk; G.W. Fox to bring one sermon for both services; W.B. Farquhar to present Brother Wilson to the council; Elzie Perriman to examine the candidate; G.W. Foster to give ordination prayer; and William E. Danner to give the charge to the candidate for ordination services and also to the church.
P.D. Ballard was elected to read covenant in the organization part of the services; Ernest G. Morris to offer prayer following reading of the Covenant; H.C. Payton to read the Articles of Faith.
The council then came back into the auditorium.
Following song and prayer, Brother Fox read Ephesians 6:11-20 and took for subject, “Our Stand”, bringing a good message.
Following the sermon, Sister Troye Farquhar, Clerk, Central Ave. Missionary Baptist Church read the following record for the church endorsing Brother Wilson:
“September 16, 1953
Motion and second we endorse Brother Jim Wilson for work in Midwest City. Motion carrried.”
“November 24, 1953
Motion and second that we invite churches of the South Canadian Association to assist in the organization of a church at Midwest City, December 11th and to assist in the ordination of Brother Jim Wilson.  Motion carried.”
W.B. Farquhar presented the candidate for ordination
Elzie Periman examined (questioned) the brother, after first requesting him to give his experience of Grace and call to the ministry.  After questioning, a motion carried by the council unanimously to recommend his ordination.  Prayer was offered by G.W. Foster, after which the council laid their hands upon Brother Wilson, while he knelt at the altar. William E. Danner then gave the charge to the minister and to the church, using many scriptures.
A song was given while the following people presented themseves as ready to go into church organization. The clerk of the council read the names of eleven members of Central Ave. Missionary Baptist Church receiving letters for this organization as follows: Elder Jim Wilson, licensed minister; Mrs. J. E. Wilson, Elder S.M. Speer, ordained minister; Howard Wilson, Mrs. Faye Wilson, Mrs. Margaret Simms, David Simms, R.J. Hackbarth, Mrs. R.J. Hackbarth, and Mrs. Erma R. Price, all of which were granted letters in “Good and regular standing and are hereby dismissed from us to go into the organization of a church of like faith and order at Midwest City, December 11, 1953.”
(The above quote taken from Central Ave. Missionary Baptist Church minute copy.)
Owing to illness, only seven of the above came as follows: Elder James (Jim) Wilson, Sister J.E. Wilson, Elder S.M. Speer, Sister S.M. Speer, Sister R.J. Hackbarth, R.J. Hackbarth, and Sister Erma M. Price.  These formed a circle on the state, joined hands, and voted unanimously to accept the Covenant, found in Pendleton’s church manual (Read by P.D. Ballard), and enter into organization.
H.C. Payton then read the Articles of Faith found in Pendleton’s church manual, which was accepted by the church unanimously.
The newly organized church voted unanimously to be known as Mt. Hermon Baptist Church.
A motion carried unanimously that the church affiliate with the South Canadian Association, the Missionary Baptist Association of Oklahoma, and the North American Baptist Association.
Motion carried unanimously for Brother Wilson to act as pastor until all charter members were accepted.
Motion carried unanimously that Mrs. J.E. Wilson act as clerk for the church until the thirty days expires.
A motion carried unanimously by Central Ave. Missionary Baptist Church to express appreciation for assistance of South Canadian Association and to all brethren who came for their assistance.
While the congregation moved forward to give hand of fellowship to the minister and new church, an offering of $17.85 was left for the church.
The following ministers and deacons signed the record:
G.W. Foster, H.C. Payton, Elzie Periman, E.G. Morris, P.D. Ballard, S.M. Speer, Ralph A. Brand, Glenn W. Fox, Wiliam E. Danner, N.N. Ivans, and Deacons: W.B. Farquhar, H.A. Duren, George S. Cox, and G.A. Rayburn.
A fine spirit of fellowship and solemnity prevailed in this services with dignified simplicity in evidence.
Much rejoicing on the part of the congregation.

/s/ T.L. Duren
T.L. Duren, Clerk of the Council.